How will we get back to our launch site?

Throughout the balloon flight we will be in contact with the ground crew who will assist us and when we land they will be there ready to help and take us back to the starting point.

How will we get back to our launch site?2018-05-28T17:22:52+02:00

And if I am afraid of altitudes?

The balloon flight is very relaxing and there are no sharp jerks or sudden drops. Most of the people who reported experiencing vertigo had no problems with altitude during the flight.

And if I am afraid of altitudes?2018-05-28T17:22:26+02:00

How High will we fly?

The balloon flight will be very variable, you can go from a few meters to more than 3,000 feet (about 1000 meters from the ground).

How High will we fly?2018-05-28T17:21:52+02:00

How far will we fly?

We cannot establish in advance what distance we will travel during the balloon flight: it all depends on the wind and its intensity.

How far will we fly?2018-05-28T17:21:25+02:00

Where will we land?

Where the wind will take us. During the flight, the pilot will monitor the winds and the direction to choose a comfortable place for the final landing that will not be planned in advance.

Where will we land?2018-05-28T17:20:45+02:00

How long is a balloon flight?

The flight takes about an hour from take-off to landing. However, it takes about 3/4 hours for all transport, assembly, disassembly and return to the meeting point.

How long is a balloon flight?2018-05-28T17:20:11+02:00

Can I bring a camera?

Of course, any photographic or video equipment can be brought on board. The only precaution: it must be placed in its case before landing.

Can I bring a camera?2018-05-28T17:19:37+02:00

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothing like for a countryside walk . Possibly clothes in natural fiber and not synthetic, flat shoes without heels, sneakers or mountain boots. A hat is also recommended.

What should I wear?2018-05-28T17:19:12+02:00

Why we fly early in the morning or late in the afternoon?

The balloon needs stable winds. In the hours immediately after sunrise or two hours before sunset, you will find the best conditions for the trip. Given that the balloons move with the wind, the weather conditions of the day are very important and determine whether it is possible to fly or not.

Why we fly early in the morning or late in the afternoon?2018-05-28T17:14:36+02:00
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