Services: advertising balloons

Why advertise with a hot air balloon?

In the first year of management of the “Assicurazioni Generali” hot-air balloon, Slowfly obtained over 18 minutes of live TV coverage on RAI networks in broadcasts such as “Quelli che il Calcio” and during the live broadcast of the Frecce Tricolore Festival and several minutes on the various news programs. national and regional.

Amongst our services, advertising with a hot air balloon is a sure way to easily achieve the objectives of visibility of your company. Visibility guaranteed by the largest mobile billboard in the world. Our participation in sporting events and events throughout the national, European and international territory guarantees the promotion of your brand and image with a strong impact.

Everywhere we attract spectators both during demonstrations and specific events, and when we fly for pleasure. The brand is always exposed to the potential of media coverage, both by local media and by national media such as RAI, SKY and Mediaset.

The balloon conveys positive values, it is loved by children and adults, it is dreamed by everyone. It is a safe vehicle for transmitting and promoting one’s image in a sports environment, outside the traditional market logic.

Slowfly has participated in events throughout the Italy. We have been present at some of the major European and world events such as the Dubai Balloon Festival (which saw 70 balloons from all over the world fly across the skies of the city of the United Arab Emirates), Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta (USA) and many others. We won the Italian Championship 2009, 2010 and 2017 and participated in the European Championships in France, Hungary and Spain, the World Championships in Hungary 2010, Japan 2016 and Austria 2018. We had thousands of passengers on board and flew over centers such as Lucca, Ferrara, Parma, Reggio Emilia, Siena and Todi.

Our calendar of events is always full of events and can be customized ad hoc, even for the most demanding customer.

Do you still have doubts about our services and why to advertise with a hot air balloon? Contact us for more information.

Services: balloon maintenance and repair

Slowfly is an authorized ENAC center for the Continuous Airworthiness Review and Maintenance of all the main brands of balloons (Cameron Balloons, Ultramagic, Lindstrand Balloons, Lindstrand Technologies, Kubicek, Schroeder). ENAC certificate IT.CAO.0009.

We offer you a personalized and highly qualified service, planning routine maintenance interventions and reducing waiting times, thanks to a well-stocked spare parts warehouse. You will start flying again as soon as possible: we know that time is the most precious resource. We will not keep you waiting longer than necessary.

Annual inspection/100hr with renewal of the Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC) and Certificate of Release in Service (CRS).

Always check the expiration date of both your ARC and CRS (the last physical inspection): one is not valid, if the other has expired.

For the annual review/100hr the following must be present:

  • The balloon logbook updated to the last flight taken;
  • All documents (latest ARC, CRS, Certificate of Registration, Certificate of Airworthiness);
  • All flight manuals (if there are components from different manufacturers, the component manuals must also be present, eg: Cameron envelope and Ultramagic basket you must have the CBL and UM manuals), and all supplements;
  • All the components to be overhauled (envelope, burner, basket, any second burner and second basket, and all the cylinders);
  • The cylinders must have some gas in them.

Overhaul 10 years Cylinders: PPT/PRV (Proof Pressure Test / Pressure Relief Valve)

Slowfly maintenance and repair services also include cylinder pressure tests and replacement of expired PRV valves.

Paolo Oggioni holds the ENAC Aeronautical Maintenance License or EASA Part 66 Maintenance Engineer License IT.66.003616, the ENAC Technical Certificate n.146, and the UK Part 66 license UK.66.349279F . The aforementioned licenses, in addition to being necessary for the CAO Slowfly certification, are necessary for Paolo to be an inspector and maintenance engineer for both the UK BBAC (UK.CAO.0049) and Easy Balloons (UK.CAO.0053) for all balloons registered in the UK. He has also attended all the courses of the major balloon companies, to ensure compliance with the high standards that are required to operate safely.

Contact us for more information and to request our price list:

  • Telephone: +39 335 1045115 (Paolo)
  • E-mail:

Services: tetherd flights for events

Tethered flights are a demonstration of balloon flights for fairs and/or village events. We can take-up from 30 to 60 people an hour to the delight of the little ones and even the bigger.

We need an open space of 50 x 50 meters, free from any obstacle both horizontal and vertical and, in the absence of natural anchors, we may need to have two/three cars available (See attached diagram).

The balloon cannot be used in the central hours of the day and with winds above 5 knots.

Contact us for further information and to request a quote.

The balloon is the romantic dream of a time when inventions didn’t necessarily have to be used for anything, but were stairs of the imagination.

(Rosario Battiato)

Flying in the silence of nature, carried by the wind and dreams, it is a flight in a balloon.

(Stephen Littleword)

Nobody looks at what is in front of their feet:
everyone looks to the stars.

(Quinto Ennio)