General Terms and Conditions of Carriage

– With the words “we”, “our”, “ourselves” and “us” we mean the company Slowfly Mongolfiere Snc of Oggioni Paolo Mario with registered office in Mondovì (CN) Strada dei Pignolli 66 (hereinafter, Slowfly)

– With the words “you”, “yours” and “yourself” we mean any person, except crew members, that Slowfly has agreed to carry on a balloon flight. (See also definition of “Passenger”)

– “TICKET” or “VOUCHER” means a travel ticket that entitles you to a flight in a hot air balloon.

– “HOT AIR BALLOON” means a hot air balloon or balloon registered with the National Civil Aviation Authority (hereinafter, ENAC).

– “PILOT” means a pilot qualified by ENAC to fly on hot air balloons.

– “BAGGAGE” means everything that is your property and accompanies you on your flight.

– “RESERVATION” means a document sent by e-mail to the address you used for the commitment having as subject “Booking a balloon flight with Slowfly” indicating the name(s) of the passenger(s), the type of flight, the date and time of the flight(s) you have booked.

– “DAMAGE” means any physical damage to the passenger, which occurs in relation or in connection with the transport or other related services performed by Slowfly.

– “PASSENGER” identifies the person Slowfly has agreed to carry on its flight and who is identified by issuing the plane ticket (See also the definition “you”, “yours” and “yourself”).

Slowfly will ensure the services described on the tickets issued as long as they are valid (have not expired) or the expiry date has not been extended in accordance with these terms and conditions.

All tickets are transferable to third parties with the prior authorization of Slowfly. The terms and conditions apply to tickets presented by the bearer, whether a buyer or not.

The balloon flight, in exchange for the purchase of a ticket, must be carried out within 12 months from the date printed on the ticket itself. If the flight is not carried out within the terms described above, the ticket will no longer be valid and will not be refunded.

You have the right to withdraw within 10 days of purchasing the ticket. The refund will be made only to the purchaser of the ticket as long as it has not been used to book a flight, in which case it is no longer refundable. The notification of the refund request must be received by Slowfly within 5pm on the tenth day after the purchase by registered letter with return receipt (the postmark will be valid) or by email with certified mail to

Once the flight has been booked, you must call Slowfly, at the number indicated on your ticket, by 8pm on the day before the flight to verify that it has not been canceled and to receive any instructions other than those shown on the ticket itself.

You can postpone your flight by following the following protocol:

– Call Slowfly within 48 hours of the flight for flights booked from Monday to Thursday, within 72 hours for flights booked from Friday to Sunday.

– From the moment of the request to postpone the flight, you will have to reschedule the same within two months from the date of the phone call.

– The flight can be postponed by you only 2 times and cannot exceed 12 months from the date of purchase of the ticket. If the flight is not carried out within the terms described above, the ticket will no longer be valid and will not be refunded.

– In the event that, during the validity period of the ticket, you become pregnant, you can request the extension of the validity of the ticket for another 9 months as long as the communication reaches us within the fourth month of pregnancy. Beyond the fourth month of pregnancy, the ticket will be extended at the sole discretion of Slowfly.

– If you do not postpone the flight and do not show up at the appointment set for the flight itself, the ticket will no longer be valid and will not be refunded.

One of the main objectives of Slowfly is to offer a flight taking your safety and the safety of all other passengers seriously.

Slowfly is not qualified to express an opinion on the health of its passengers: it is your responsibility to ensure that you are able to fly safely. You should not fly if you have received medical treatment or had surgery in the two months prior to your flight. You cannot fly if you are:

– pregnant, or;

– if you have osteoporosis, or;

– if you are unable to stand for more than 2 hours, or;

– if you are unable to maintain the correct support position during the landing phases, or;

– if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The Pilot has the right, as required by the Air Navigation Code, not to fly people he believes are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The Pilot, at any time, may refuse the flight to you or anyone else if he believes that you may jeopardize the safety of other passengers and yours. Slowfly reserves the right to cancel a reservation and related ticket if the crew or passengers are subjected to verbal or physical violence or if the smooth running of the activity risks being disturbed by your behavior or that of your companions. In all these cases you will not be entitled to any refund.

Flight conditions

The ticket entitles you to a flight in a hot air balloon, to attend all stages of assembly and disassembly, to a baptism of the flight (may vary depending on the offers in progress) and to a flight certificate.

The flight depends on the weather conditions of the day on which it is scheduled and is governed by the minimum conditions of the VFR flight (Visual Flight Rules) laid down in the Air Navigation Code. It is at the sole discretion of the Pilot to postpone and/or cancel a flight because the minimum safety conditions for the flight itself do not exist. If your flight is canceled you will need to contact Slowfly to reschedule the flight.

The flight will last approximately one hour but the pilot will always have the unquestionable judgment to reduce or increase the flight time based on the weather conditions and the morphological and geographical conditions of the planned landing areas. Slowfly cannot guarantee that the flight can follow a particular itinerary or direction or that it can land in one location rather than another, nor can specify a precise duration of the flight.

Ballooning can be as risky as any other sport, hobby or activity. By purchasing a ticket or participating in a flight you are aware of the risks and accept them. The flight, on every occasion, will be under the control and supervision of a pilot certified by the National Aviation Authority (ENAC) who is committed to making the flight as safe and pleasant as possible.

It is not allowed to carry dangerous goods, ammunition and weapons of war on board.


Slowfly is insured against the risk of damage to things and/or people during the flight with its balloons in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 785/2004 and Regulation (EU) No. 285/2010. Slowfly will not be responsible for any damage caused to things or people unless caused by the negligence of the Pilot or Slowfly employee.

Slowfly is not responsible for damage to property, loss or theft of passengers’ property caused by carelessness or negligence, illicit act or omission of the passenger or other passengers on the scheduled flight. Furthermore, we do not assume responsibility for any damage to your car or objects inside it that may occur during the period in which it will remain parked at the meeting point during the flight.

Slowfly is not responsible for any cost or damage to passengers booked on a flight if the same flight has been canceled both on the field and before the time or date of booking.

General rules

If flights are suspended for reasons of force majeure, the validity of the voucher will be extended for a period equivalent to the suspension period. Slowfly is not responsible for any cost or damage caused by this suspension.

Given the restrictions on the lifting capacity of hot air balloons, passengers over 110kg may be subject to a surcharge established by Slowfly. Payable at the time of booking or directly on the take-off field. Payable at the time of booking or directly on the take-off field.

Only children who are at least 15cm taller than the rim of the basket can fly on Slowfly balloons. All minors under 14 must be accompanied by a responsible adult and up to 18 must have parental consent.

Passengers must wear appropriate clothing, possibly natural fiber (cotton, linen, wool, etc.), flat shoes (no heels) and a hat (recommended).

Our flights can also be operated by partners, holders of regular Air Operator Certificate issued by ENAC, who have entered into regular agreements with Slowfly, also in this case these “Terms and Conditions” apply.

It is forbidden to smoke on board Slowfly balloons. Smoking is prohibited within 50 meters of the balloon from the moment it is unloaded from the retrieving vehicle to begin flight operations, until it is recharged on the vehicle after the flight.

Applicability, choice of law and jurisdiction

With the exception of what is stated in points a) and b), these Terms & Conditions apply only to those flights or flight segments where our name is indicated on the ticket.

  1. a) These Terms & Conditions are applicable provided they do not conflict with applicable law, in which case such law will prevail.
  2. b) Should any provision of these Terms & Conditions be invalid under any applicable law, the other provisions, however, will remain in effect to the extent that such provisions remain effective without the provision becoming invalid.

Slowfly will only keep your personal data for internal administration and accounting use and for the successful completion of the booking and flight operations. Under no circumstances will your data be disclosed to third parties for advertising and/or marketing purposes.

Slowfly reserves the right to modify these “Terms and Conditions” at any time without obligation to inform the public.

Except as otherwise established by the Montreal Convention 1999 or by applicable law, your contract of carriage with us and these Terms and Conditions will be governed and interpreted in compliance with Italian law. Any dispute that may arise from or in relation to this contract, the competent court is Cuneo (CN).