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Scuola di Volo Mongolfiera

Brevetto Inglese (valido in Italia e tutto il mondo)

Instructor Paolo Oggioni- BBAC Qualified Instructor n.167

Flight Instruction up to first hour (complete balloon system, retrieve vehicle and crew)

€ 300,00

Flight Instruction from second hour onward (complete balloon system, retrieve vehicle and crew)

€ 260,00 (*)

Flight Instruction up to first hour (only Instructor)

€ 90,00

Flight Instruction from second hour onward (only Instructor)

€ 50,00 (*)

Ground School

€ 25,00 per hour

Examination costs will be calculated depending on examiner

at cost

The UK CAA requirements for a UK PPL (Private Pilot License) are:

- A minimum of 6 flights totalling at least 16 hours within 24 months.

- A minimum of 4 flights with a BBAC approved instructor; the rest may be with any valid PPL (B)

- You must be 17 years old

- A valid NPPL medical declaration from your GP (Please read carefully), non UK residents should have a JAR second class medical.

- To keep a flight log with flight training records completed by the instructing pilot.

- To keep a BBAC training log. This is a requirement of the BBAC not the CAA.

- A test flight with a CAA appointed BBAC examiner.

- A solo flight under the supervision of the examiner

- Attend a landowner relations seminar.

- Complete written exams and flight test within 24 months:

Aviation law



Airmanship and balloon systems

Human performance and limitations

In Italy you can get your UK PPL from us, we have at least 300 beautiful flying days with excellent accommodation and food, great and friendly farmers and, last but not least , great wines.

If you live and will be flying in the UK, we recommend that at least 3 flights and a minimum of 4 hours be done in the UK.

(*) From the second hour onward, on the same flight, we will calculate per minute, for example: 1:15 minutes will be 300 + 260/60*15 = € 365

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